“Get Out of the Rabbit Hole is an easy read, and all you have to do is apply some of Alla’s principles each and every day.

The Rabbit Hole is not a place that you’d like to occupy in your life.
Self-doubt erases all your future potential and how you believe in yourself. It will also affect how people around you feel because of the lack of energy we can put out.

We all have a path, and this book will be your navigation system.”

Nancy Lieberman,
Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer

“Get Out of the Rabbit Hole connects with the reader through real-life stories by raising awareness and influencing their mindset about how handling many day-to-day situations with the right strategies can eliminate self-doubt and expand their abilities and capabilities to succeed.”

Jeff Olson,
Founder of Neora and Live Happy
Author of The Slight Edge

Get Out Of The Rabbit Hole: Building Confidence To Improve Performance, Overcome Self-Doubt and Reach Your Potential

About the Book


But what do you need to achieve it? Throughout our lives, we might think that we need confidence or hear others say, or we say to others, “You need to be more confident.” Yet, no one says, “Here’s how you do it.” The problem remains: How do you become confident?


answers that question and more. Dispelling the myth that people are born confident, the book demonstrates how confidence can be acquired and mastered just like any other skill. Each chapter unfolds with the author’s personal, powerful stories and provides proven confidence-building strategies to conquer unfounded self-doubt, improve self-confidence, and increase your ability to navigate and succeed in real-life situations.


About the Author

ALLA BARDOV is the founder of Sell Yourself For Success and the creator of the Ignite Your Sales Results Program. She helps organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals transform their sales results by becoming more efficient and effective in their activities. Alla is an international speaker, direct sales expert, and sales acceleration trainer. Her career spans over thirty years in corporate accounting at one of the top Fortune 100 Companies, as well as retail, network sales, and corporate training. Alla’s quest to define confidence-building fundamentals started early in life while selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door.

Through her relentless philanthropic efforts, she aims to change the lives of economically disadvantaged youth via her work with Nancy Lieberman Charities.

She lives in Dallas with her husband of over thirty years, and they are proud parents to three wonderful kids.

Alla Bardov

Self-doubt has no boundaries and doesn’t discriminate based on degree of success. The moment you take control of your mind chatter, you will build confidence to reach your potential.

Praise for Get Out of the Rabbit Hole

“Get Out of the Rabbit Hole provides inspiration and practical action steps to increase your confidence immediately. Wonderful stories help the lessons come to life. Alla’s story and bold and brave approach will help anyone build confidence and succeed.”

Leslie Ritter
CrossRoads Executive Coaching & Consulting, Board Member

“Great job storytelling and then breaking it down into easily digestible and actionable recommendations. Well done – very enjoyable and helpful. The stories and personal experiences in this book truly do translate to life lessons for all of us!”

Mark Blythe
Managing Director, Senior Sales Executive, Chief Technology Officer at Kokusai Electric

“Get Out of the Rabbit Hole makes things easy to comprehend by explaining complex subjects in a very simple and practical way. It is an incredibly valuable resource to help people improve performance and succeed! While I’ve been introduced to some of these concepts in the past, not a single source provided these simple techniques on how to actually do it. Whether it’s people at the beginning of their careers or seasoned professionals, they will all see a lot of benefits in every word.”

Maya Vulman
Director of Clinical Operations, Houston Eye Associates

“I loved, loved, loved your stories and how you used them in your chapters. I saw how you included action steps for the readers in the “how to create,” “when to use” and the “it’s a wrap”. Excellent ideas! You make it so easy for people to read, understand and apply to their own lives. I love it. You’re on the right track! Your book is awesome!”

Kelly Falardeau
Award Winning Virtual Speaker, 7 x Bestselling Author, Strategist/Publisher

“Alla Bardov is a world class salesperson and a master story teller. In a world of self help books, particularly within the Sales and Marketing self help genre, Get Out of the Rabbit Hole presents the reader with a refreshingly simple methodology to acquire the confidence you need to perform at a higher level.

All Sales and Marketing executives have experienced self-doubt at some time in their professional lives. Some never reach their full potential because of it. In the chapter, Kiss Self-Doubt Goodbye, Alla gives the reader the tools and resources they need to overcome self-doubt and ultimately perform at a higher level.

Get Out of the Rabbit Hole is a practical guide to acquiring the skills required to be a better Sales and Marketing professional. All professionals in business need to acquire new skills on an ongoing basis.

As CEO of a senior level executive search firm for 30 plus years, I provided professional coaching to thousands of executives during my career. I highly recommend reading this skillfully assembled collection of personal experiences and anecdotes if you want to reach your full potential as a Sales and Marketing executive.“

Stephen J. L. Page
Founder & CEO, Page-Wheatcroft & Co., Ltd., Senior level Executive Search

“Over the years, I have tried to make a point not to do too many forwards on books. To me, this is something that is very personal, and you really have to know the person.

Alla Bardov is an exception. We met through her son attending my basketball camp and became friends and, over time, family.

Although Alla had experience in business, I believe this book is a culmination of what she has experienced about herself. Over time she has learned to be confident, improve her performance, overcome her own self-doubt and reach her potential. She now has the ability to help you get to places you never thought were possible in many areas of your life and in business.

Alla has a beautiful spirit, and she is able to infuse this into each and every chapter with personal stories, quotes she has collected, and strategies on self-improvement.

Her book is an easy read, and all you have to do is apply some of her principles each and every day. The Rabbit Hole is not a place that you’d like to occupy in your life. Self-doubt erases all your future potential and how you believe in yourself. It will also affect how people around you feel because of the lack of energy we can put out.

We all have a path, and this book will be your navigation system. I value our friendship to this day.”

Nancy Lieberman
Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer

“I read the chapter about the I AM statements and needless to say it’s extremely helpful. As a student athlete, I tend to struggle with pressure and confident issues in what I do.
I feel as if the I AM statements can not only help with creating a positive mindset but also help me achieve my goals more effectively. If I tell myself everyday “I am successful,” “I am talented,” or “I am hard working,” my mindset will start to think more positively about what I do. And a positive mindset can and will help anyone achieve their goals. I really loved how you provided how to set your I AM statements and explained how they help so that people can see the effect they may have. I also loved that you provided a personal experience with the statements and showed how the statements helped you as an individual. Awesome, awesome work.”

Emma Edwards,

Athlete, High School Student

“This book is such a wonderful tool for everyone who believes in personal growth! Alla is an amazing storyteller who walks us through her life stories and seamlessly conveys important messages … and then she gives us the tools, and the encouragement, to try ourselves. Her life experiences resonate so much! ne should go back to Alla’s book time and again, for some extra support during one’s journey to a better self.”

Michaela Vettard,

Former Direct Selling Executive, Legal and Government Relations